Enter your rental dates below and all available units for your dates will be displayed.  You can select a type of RV to only see that type (trailers, motorhomes, etc) and click on an RV photo to get a quote, see more photos, and reserve it online now!  Feel free to call us if you need assistance with your selection or reservation – 281-745-0400.

START date should be the day you want to pick it up, and END date would be the day you return the unit (not charged for that day as long as you are back by check-in time at 10am)

Please Note: There is a 6 night minimum rental period for spring break & peak summer dates

 The minimum rental period all other times is 3 nights

For our waiting list, or to request to waive the minimum number of nights click HERE.

Once you complete your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to edit and make changes to your reservation.  If you don’t get an email something went wrong and you will miss very important information closer to your rental – so please contact us right away!  The $300 reservation deposit is credited to your balance when final payment is made.

INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE BASE PRICES ON MOST UNITS!  No binders, no searching for 3rd party rental insurance, no extra fees!  When comparing RV prices, make sure you take into account everywhere else will add $30-$50/night for required insurance and add fees for mileage – you get double the allowed mileage compared to most other dealers!  (Some diesel units over $120k in value do require separate rental insurance)

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If you don’t see the availability calendar & all our units above, please give it an extra few seconds to load as we are experiencing an increase in web traffic and online reservations that has slowed the system.  You can call us at 281-745-0400 and we can help find a perfect unit for you if something has gone wrong.