This page covers our Class A (bus style gasoline) motorhomes that are 25′ to 35′ long.  Remember these are summary pages to introduce the similar RV types in our fleet, to see more photos and a better description, click on “availability & quotes” and select the unit from that page.

This category includes 7 class A gas engine units.  If you are looking for a diesel powered bus, check “Luxury Diesel Pushers”.

First up is A-5 and A-7. These are grouped together because they are our two largest gasoline units and have similar floorpans.  Both are two bathroom models with a full bath in the rear and a half bath off the main living room.


Above with a flashy black/tan/red paint scheme is A-7, a 2016 Winnebago Vista

Below sporting a sand/grey/blue paint scheme is A-5, a 2008 Fleetwood Bounder


Next we present our shorter Class A units, A-6 (27′), A-4 & A-2 (30′).  These are great units that have about the same length as our Class C units, however you get the advantage of the headroom and forward visibility of a Class A style unit.

A-6 (left) is only 27′ long, shorter than most of our class C fleet.

A-4 (below) is a great size at 30′ and A-2 (bottom, white unit) is also 30′ with a similar floorpan.


Below is A-2, which is a “value unit” due to mileage and extra wear and tear.  The exterior is starting to look a little rough on this one, but the interior is still nice and it’s a great value for the money if you prefer a Class A over the Class C style.


Now we have something a little different.  Take a look at little 25′ A-8. This is a very special design that won awards as the most innovative new RV design when it was introduced a few years ago.  It is a Class A, however it is is short and aerodynamic and smaller than a Class C unit. In the back you have your choice of two twins or one king bed (easily convert back and forth).  You can sleep one additional person on the sofa and it also has a pull down twin bed over the driving area.  This unit is a pleasure to drive and gives excellent visibility with a huge front windshield.



A-1 is a “value unit” meaning it is older with higher mileage (2008 model) and has more wear and tear than a regular rental unit, however is still very reliable and a great value because it has the most room and is a lot of RV for the price.


To see more photos or book one of these units, click on “Availability & Quotes” and look for the unit number.  This page also has more detailed descriptions and more photos of each unit.