Cypress RV is committed to your health and safety during this current COVID-19 pandemic. We have switched all our cleaning supplies to hospital strength cleaners and products to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. In addition to increasing our rigorous cleaning to include these new products, we have also invested in hospital grade germicidal – viral foggers so that we can fog an RV after cleaning to make sure every surface is treated and free of anything that could make you sick. When an RV returns from a rental it is effectively quarantined along with everything that comes out of that unit until sanitized.

As you can imagine, RV travel has suddenly become even more popular as a safe method of travel to avoid public transportation such as aircraft, and to keep away from hotels, airports, & restaurants.


We are taking even more efforts and starting new procedures to protect our employees and customers. One of the best ways we can protect everyone is following the CDC & Harris County recommendations with social distancing and minimizing unnecessary public interaction.  We ask that you use our online system to look at units and make reservations. Our website is mobile friendly and you can make a reservation right on your smartphone. If you want to see available units in person prior to booking, we are now in the office M-F 9a-5p to show units and help you with reservations, and after hours we are parking several available units in our front parking lot for you to view without an appointment. The window blinds will be open so you can see the inside. If you can’t make an online reservation, have questions, or have a same day need, you can always call us or stop in during the week.


To protect everyone, and make renting an RV as safe as possible, we have come up with a new “zero contact” checkout procedure to get you in a safe & sanitized RV while minimizing personal contact. While this goes against everything we normally believe in as a social and family business, it is important during this pandemic that we protect you and our employees, and give you peace of mind we have done everything possible to eliminate any viral risk associated with your RV rental.

You can book 100% online & select the “zero contact” option. As your reservation date approaches you will receive a link via email to review and e-sign the rental agreement and paperwork, and submit anything we need from you electronically. Using video chat before you leave home to pick up the unit, we can show you everything on the RV and how to operate it while you can ask questions just like if you were there with us. The RV will be clean and sanitized before your video chat orientation, and once we are done inside the unit and you have no more questions, we will fog the RV with our “germ bomb” system that disinfects every surface in the RV. Don’t worry – this leaves the RV with a fresh scent and leaves no residue on any surfaces. It takes about an hour for the fogger to disinfect every surface and all upholstery inside the unit. The unit is sealed during this process, and you get to be the first and only people inside the RV after this is done. As you can see, we take extreme measures to make sure you leave confident your RV is completely safe. For a information sheet on what this system kills click HERE.