Here are our most frequently asked questions:

Q: What Airport are you closest to and what is the best way to get to you?

A: We are 22 miles from Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).  The cheapest way to get to our office from the airport is using UBER or Lyft, both are popular and a less expensive taxi alternative and we have a discount code.  Download the UBER or Lyft app on your iPhone or Android phone.  When you sign up you enter a credit card number because the private driver service is cashless.  Once you have your account set up, for UBER start the app and in the menu and choose “payments” and then  “discount codes/promotions”.  Enter promo code “uberCypressRV” – this will give you $20 credit for your fist ride, which is about $30 from the airport to our door so it would only cost you about $10!  For Lyft use promo code “cypressrv”, which gives you $20 off your first ride.

Q: Do you allow dogs (or other pets)?

A: Yes!  We have never had a dog smoke in a unit or start a fire in the kitchen.  No dog has ever stolen any of our equipment, sideswiped a gas pump, or backed into a tree.  We have never had a dog drive a unit while intoxicated or spill wine or grape juice on the upholstery. So, if your dog can vouch for you – you are welcome in the RV as well.

Q: How many seat belts are in the RVs?  Where do I put a Child Safety Seat?

A: Child safety seats can be secured to any of the seat belts. Most units have seat belts on the sofa, 2-4 on the dinette, and one in the chair behind the front passenger seat if equipped. (front 2 seats have seat belts too).  Many of Class C units have tether anchors for the forward facing dinette seats.

Q: I am new to recreational vehicles, how will I know how to operate everything?

A: We provide training when you pick up the unit and are alway just a text or phone call away to help.

Q: How do you protect my personal information?

A: Information security is very important to us.  You will notice that our reservation and payment pages are secured with high encryption SSL and run through a secure “https:” server similar to your online banking.  It is very expensive to set up and maintain a secure site and SSL security certificate – that shows a lot of commitment right there! The personal information we collect remains with us and is never sold or disclosed to anyone.  Your credit card information is never stored on our servers – it goes directly to our merchant bank for processing and is then deleted.  The exception where we will voluntarily disclose your information is that we may provide your name & driver info to any government entity or toll road authority if we receive a toll violation, parking ticket, etc. for when the RV was in your care.  This is allowed under Texas law to prevent the rental owner from being responsible for these fines or fees.

Q: Can I return the RV after hours?

A: We do allow units to be returned after hours and on Sunday for an additional charge.  We do have specific instructions to follow when returning after hours and a lockbox for your car keys if you have left a car on our lot.

Q: What kind of MPG do your RVs get?

A: There are many variables with a big RV, so it depends a lot on how much you load (weight), cruise speed, how you accelerate from a start, amount of city or stop & go driving, and wind too – a moderate head wind can really hurt your mpg.

If you don’t heavily load it and cruise 60-65 mph you should expect around 7.5 to 9.5 mpg in the gas units depending on the unit & above factors. Our Mercedes diesel units on the Sprinter chassis (units B-2; C-19; C-20) get 16-18 MPG!

A great way to estimate your fuel costs based on actual prices across your route, try the trip calculator at Gasbuddy:

Q: Why do I have to pay the reservation deposit immediately when reserving?

A: Our reservation system is a LIVE system.  What this means is that if you see the available dates for a unit – it is available and you can reserve the dates immediately in the system.  Other agencies may only have an online form or a calendar that is actually just a request for the dates – they will call you and tell you what is available, which may or may not be what you want to rent, so they can’t take your deposit until they tell you what units (if any) are available.  We take the deposit immediately because our system is live and as soon as you select the dates and pay the deposit the unit is booked and unavailable to anyone else.

Q: May I come look at the RV units?

A: Yes!  We welcome you to come take a look at our beautiful RVs… IF they are here!  Check the availability calendar and if the unit(s) shows to be available on a day you would like to see it.  We highly recommend you call us to set an appointment to make sure someone is available to show you the unit when you arrive.  If it is during the summer, it is sometimes difficult to catch a unit here.

Q: Do you have an owner consignment program?

A: Yes!  If you own or want to purchase an RV and you are interested in turning it into an investment, click HERE for more info on our owner consignment rental fleet program.

Q: Do you offer local pick up and delivery?

A: We have partnered with a few professional drivers who can deliver & set up your unit locally for about $150 each way.

Q: Can I get a professional Driver to drive the RV for me?

A: YES, we offer professional driver services on any unit, and our diesel pusher luxury buses also offer an optional complete VIP package that include snacks, meals, and an on-board attendant to meet all your needs while in transit, the same as you would expect in a chartered private jet or luxury yacht.  Federal motor carrier info, safety rating, & USDOT# available upon request.

Q: What kind of roadside assistance do you have? What if I encounter a hazard and blow a tire?

A: We have a roadside assistance plan for 24/7 coverage if you need to call for assistance or help.  In addition, we packaged this with an available road hazard policy you can add at checkout and for a low fee be protected from the cost of tire replacement (tire & mobile service to deliver and install) should you encounter a hazard and have a blowout.  RV tires are very costly, as is the cost to have someone come out and replace one – so this is a no-brainer choice to protect yourself from any unexpected expenses!

Q: Why can’t I tow a boat?

A: A picture is worth 1000 words

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