Cypress RV offers motorhomes from 22 feet to 40 feet, from small gas and diesel units to our large luxury motorcoach diesel pusher buses with the luxury of a premium hotel suite.

This page helps introduce our fleet and points out the differences in what may appear to be similar units to help you make the right choice for your vacation.  Many rental companies have you pick out a size of unit and you don’t know what you get until you arrive, at Cypress RV all our units are uniquely different, and you get the exact unit you select and book!

Cypress RV Unit Mercedes Class

Cypress RV Unit bunk units

Cypress RV Class A units

Cypress RV Unit DP Class

Cypress RV trailer units

As you can see, Cypress RV offers many different options in our rental fleet of over 40 units.  Once you find the unit that suits your needs the best here, you can click on “Availability & Quotes” to book it online now!

Wonder how to interpret our unit numbers?  The letter indicates the type of unit, and the number is the order that that unit was added to the fleet, so the higher number usually indicates the newest units as added to our fleet.

B – Class B units (van campers)

C – Class C units

A – Class A units

D – Diesel Pushers

T – Trailers

So you know from the unit number “C-18” that it is a Class C unit and was the 18th added to the fleet, so it will be newer than C-14 and older than C-20, although many units were added together so this may not mean as much as it appears.