Cypress RV Unit Mercedes Class

We have 4 Mercedes diesel units that are small in size but BIG on features and luxury!  Each if these units have a 6 cylinder Mercedes turbo-diesel, and three have the advanced new Blu-Tec diesel that is very eco friendly and has no diesel exhaust odor.  Imagine a diesel with less harmful exhaust & odor than a gasoline engine!  These units get excellent fuel mileage too (15-17mpg)

Remember these are summary pages to introduce the similar RV types in our fleet, to see more photos and a better description, click on “availability & quotes” and select the unit from that page.

Our smallest Mercedes is unit B-2, a 24ft long & skinny Class B motorhome with one slide out. Not much wider than a van, this is a terrific unit for 2.

IMG_0763• Most compact unit in our fleet – Sleeps 2

• Comfortable memory foam mattress (double size)

• This streamlined unit gets the best fuel mileage

• Upgraded high class in a compact package

• Large full bath

• Self-contained – everything the larger units have!

Next up in this class is C-19, one of two Class C motorhomes on the Mercedes chassis

• 24ft long with two slide outs

• Sleeps 4-6 people.

• Beautiful custom full body paint job

• Queen bed in rear bedroom

• Living room slide & bedroom slide on the rear side


Our 3rd Mercedes is C-20, which is our newest unit added to the fleet January 2018

• 24ft long with one large full length slide

• Most square footage & room with slide out

• Sleeps 4-6 people

• Queen bed in rear bedroom




Our 4th option in this class is C-7 (VALUE UNITwith an International Sprinter chassis.  While not displaying the Mercedes badge like the above units, it does have the Mercedes turbo diesel and is of similar type.

• Value Unit means older with higher mileage and  more wear and tear than a regular line unit.

• Great value if appearances are not important.

• Slide out, sleeps up to 6

• Completely custom interior – designed to look more like a country cabin and not like an RV


To book one of these units, click on “Availability & Quotes” and select B-1, C-19, or C-20 or C-7 for the value unit.  The availability page also has more detailed descriptions and lots of photos of each unit.