CMSHSYou won’t believe the last minute summer deals you can get at Cypress RV!

We don’t want an RV just sitting in our parking lot when it could be out helping you make awesome RVing memories!  So we came up with a plan to inspire last minute trips this summer, so you can make the summer of 2017 awesome!

Use this submission form to “name your own price” on a last minute rental.  Remember, most of our units sell out all summer long, so this is a long shot – BUT we do have holes in the calendar between summer rentals and there are also last minute cancelations, which means if your dates line up right – you can get big discounts on a last minute trip if you don’t need to plan ahead!


The Catch (rules):

  1. Request can only be up to 3 days before the start date and there are no guarantees your offer will be accepted.
  2. You tell us how many your RV needs to sleep and we pick the RV you get.  A higher bid will get you a nicer RV, a lower bid would likely get you a value unit if accepted.  You can pick between a motorhome or a trailer.
  3. Don’t be crazy – Understand that commercial insurance and fixed costs are included in our prices so something like the first $100/day could be insurance & labor and not even profit for us yet.  Even at full price, 1 day rentals would cost us more than what we collect and would still not be accepted.
  4. If your offer is accepted, you will receive an email quote with the RV available at your price – click on the link in your email to finalize the reservation and book it.  If your offer is rejected or you don’t get an RV that is acceptable to you, a new submission would have to be submitted (We don’t do counter offers – so name your BEST price the 1st time)
  5. This offer is not valid for if you already have an existing reservation or have canceled a reservation.


TIP: Remember margins on RV rentals are not as good as you may think after all the overhead, miles, and deprecation on the units; for example, you are not going to get a drivable motorhome for $100/day, so to have your offer accepted or to get a nicer RV, don’t low ball, rather try and present a fair offer that we all can live with.

Please understand we get too many offers to respond to each one if we cannot accommodate your dates or price.  Most offers submitted are ridiculously low or not starting within 3 days, which are discarded.