Why rent from a professional dealer and NOT from a peer to peer network or individual private owner? 

Over the last few years websites have popped up allowing “peer to peer” RV rentals where RV owners can list their personal RV for rental from individuals.  While there may be some circumstances where this is beneficial to the renter, in most cases renting from a private individual is a really bad idea!

Here is a quick list of a few of the reasons you should stick with a professional RV rental dealer:

  1.  A private individual only has 1 RV to rent.  If a prior renter wrecks the unit, your rental is canceled leaving you with prepaid reservations and travel plans without an RV!  Most rental RVs are sold out during June, July and 1/2 of August, so finding a last minute replacement may be impossible.
  2. With only 1 RV, what if a major component stops working before your rental?  RV service centers are packed with appointment times 2-4 weeks out.  This means you could have your rental canceled at the last minute, or have the choice to take it without a generator, refrigerator, air conditioning, etc.
  3. The vast majority of individuals renting their personal RV do not have the proper permit or licensing to legally conduct business and rent an RV.  Texas law requires a dealer’s motor vehicle rental permit and the collection of the minimum state 10% rental tax.  If you see someone not charging tax, or charging 6%-8.25%, that is an immediate indication they are operating illegally.  The consequences could be reduced consumer rights for you and a perfect excuse for insurance to deny a major liability claim if you have an accident.


At Cypress RV we have around 40 RVs with about 35 in the rental fleet at any one time.  This means if the RV you reserved is wrecked by a customer just prior to your rental and we can’t get it fixed in time – we have alternates so it’s highly likely you still have an RV about the same size.   It is very common for RV components to break, especially with high volume rental usage.  At Cypress RV we have our own service center with dedicated rental RV technicians who can stay up late repairing or replacing a major appliance if we need to so your rental still goes out in time.  We have 4 spare Onan generators so when an RV generator fails we don’t have to rush through attempting to diagnose the issue or rent a unit without one – we just swap out to our serviced and ready spare generator.  Having our own service center and dedicated technicians means we stay on top of service so you are less likely to experience any mechanical issues out on the road.

Throughout the summer we get frantic calls from families who find out they suddenly don’t have an RV the day before a vacation they have planned for many months.  Renting from a reputable dealer with multiple RVs & in-house service gives you much better peace of mind that your RV adventure will go on without a hitch!